Snack Samples Let us help you push your snack
whilst we push Stealth Roasts

Many things go well with STEALTH ROAST Espresso.

Time to bring it home strong.

With an engaged espresso audience, we can sample your snacks and get feedback.

Apply here :

500 Samplings over 8-16 event days.

And customer feedback to boot!

Longer Story

Many things go well with espresso.

We are putting that maxim to use as we sample Stealth Roasts as Americanos/ Lattes and snacks to complement them.

Your snacks.  We spend the time on the prep and distribution while getting you customer feedback for you to chew on.

You give us a enough product (Cookies, Chocolates, Biscotti, Candies, etc.) to do 600 samples, making sure to sample 500 pieces over 8-16 event dates.

Apply Here: