Swaslu: Inexorable Espresso Evolution
Roaster Flavor Without the Labor

When the Brooklyn Lyceum gets done
undoing a non-trivial set of procedural due process violations ...

There ... WILL ... BE ... BETTER ... COFFEE ...
on the Brooklyn Lyceum block.
till then
... Out & About & On The Road w/an answer:
... Inexorable Espresso Evolution ...
Flavor, not labor, from our espresso cellar!
-- 15 years of a coffee shop/cafe
and the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy taught us that
there is another, more ecological, way.

-- When the Brooklyn Lycem Due Process dust settles,
we may be taking on, or taking out,
Starbucks with our own Espresso cellar.

--Till then we are pulling espress shots the SwaSlu way, on the road again!

We make it a point not to be a roaster
and will be presenting multitudes of flavors of roasters
from, well, everywhere at interim locations, events, markets and fairs.

Interested in better americanos/lattes than you could ever do at home?
Take a dip HERE

Judicial due process violations brought to you by
Judges Donald Scott Kurtz, Reinaldo Rivera & Devin Cohen

While we wait for the inevitable, either the court :
accepts the original judicial checkmate
(complaint was statutorily abandoned
based on record provided to the Court by the Plaintiff.)
accepts the new judicial checkmate
the court retroactively created
in avoiding that original judicial checkmate
(failure to serve our atty any papers, AND,
notice to appear a decade in the past,
no matter whom was served, AND,
granting relief not requested, AND,
granting relief unavailable under statute cited, AND,
premising decision on two non-existent sworn statements).
We are looking at a couple of interim sites in our other haunts
(New York State, Philadelphia and Maine).

Judicial due process violations brought to you by
Judges Donald Scott Kurtz, Reinaldo Rivera & Devin Cohen
Don't Blink Espresso

magical mix
a bit of this, a dash of that, voila MORE

ethereal espresso plane


While Swaslu seeks out stellar espresso roasts

and processes the roasts into an espresso cellar (hundreds of roasts drawn and frozen in time with key flavor details locked in place forever), we live to experiment.  When we find a combo that works for us we want to share it with you.

Thus, Blink Espresso, a magical combination of espressos.

Stealth Roasts

We do the labor ... pushing roaster flavor!
marketing espresso is a tasty job ... someone has to do it. MORE

TLDR / Summary -

Swaslu samples Stealth Roast Americanos

(and, on occasion, other espresso based drinks) using anonymous flash frozen manual (https://www.rok.coffee ) espresso roasts at events ... and collects up unbiased reviews and comments.

Swaslu collates the results and creates a database of anonymous taste preference information.

Americanos (and espresso based drinks) will rule the world!

***NOTE: we often mix a bit of this espresso and a bit of that espresso making the don't blink espresso

Dear Roaster:

SwaSlu Stealth Roast Opportunity
When the Roaster gets busy, the busy Roaster gets marketing help! MORE

It is all about the Marketing! -

In a world that expects ever more production from an ever shrinking timeframe, one can sometimes use some help.

That is what SwaSlu.com is set up to accomplish, more for, and from, your  STEALTH ROAST with minimal effort from your staff, all without risk to the Brand.

The people behind SwaSlu.com spent 20 years cranking a cafe/coffee shop and theater and marketplace, the Brooklyn Lyceum ( brooklynlyceum.com), with two -  three hundred person occupancy activity spaces.

We learned quite a bit working with events big and small. While that venture is on hold (really long story, no time for that now), we have taken some learnings and applied them to sharpen the marketing axe, an espresso marketing axe.

All Things Espresso

Stories and commentary on Espresso
all the news thats fit to drink! MORE

the SHOT!!! -

Swaslu thinks, with its Permian mind, that espresso ain't all that complicated. It is all about an attention to rigorous detail that Swaslu nails, but mere mortal baristas cannot hope match at volume. 

And, armed with what baristas cannot match, we are hitting the road to sample a panoply of STEALTH ROASTS from roasters nationwide all to spread the Americano love and  do unbiased market research for the roasters. 

First off, SwaSlu lets the roasters roast an build relationships with the growers.  The art of roasting and the effort to effectively interact with the growers is an important art best left to those who focus on that art, and is, really, the core foundation for great shots.

Second, SwaSlu digs into what espresso is as opposed to brewing.  That is on the science end of the spectrum, an end with which Swaslu is entirely familiar.

Espresso commands the taste from the grinds, whereas brewing coaxes out whatever flavor will willingly be coaxed.

Swaslu saves vital taste characteristics of the STEALTH ROASTS at our espresso workshop for sampling far from the normal machinery and preconceptions of espresso enabling our pop-up  roadshow. 

Americanos will come to rule the playing field, much as we did with infinite evolutional varieties over millions of years.

Snack Samples

Let us help you push your snack
whilst we push Stealth Roasts MORE


Many things go well with STEALTH ROAST Espresso.

Time to bring it home strong.

With an engaged espresso audience, we can sample your snacks and get feedback.

Apply here : https://swaslu.com/apply_snack.

500 Samplings over 8-16 event days.

And customer feedback to boot!

SwaSlu Philosophy

why SwaSlu do what it do
more espresso variants than are dreamt of in your philosophy MORE


SwaSlu 101:

Coffee is a fruit and one shall not roast a fruit till the essence of fruit is reduced to ashes.  You wouldn't do that to a grapefruit, so leave the coffee alone.

Espresso is a process, different from brewing, that extracts an otherworldly goodness when done well.

Espresso roasts are just roasts the roasters think would do well in the espresso process.  There is no standard.

Lighter roasts fade in milk based drinks.  So a bit less milk with lighter roasts in lattes and cappuccinos.

Espresso is origin of the universe level complicated : https://swaslu.com/wip/10044.

Americanos (espresso + a little hot H20) release flavors and nuances ordinary coffee can only bow to.

Freezing espresso shots is cool (pun intended) and allow for better Americanos than 95% of any brewed coffee, artisanal or not.

Many things go well with Espresso.

They should be liberally sampled (Submit Snack).

All things Trilobite

waiting since the permian
for a trilobite web compendium MORE

Trilobites = fascinating. -

With a trilobite as the swaslu representative, we want to give a shout out to these amazing creatures.

Rarely are there animals that survived hundreds of millions of years.

Enjoy some links and some discussion.

  1. A lament of the fate of trilobites
  2. Nigel Hughes (singer/professor)
  3. Trilobite (Deep Time)
  4. The Trouble With Trilobites
  5. Origins of Trilobites

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