... Inexorable Espresso Evolution ...
Flavor, not labor, from our espresso cellar!
out of a somewhat swampy area of Brooklyn NY.

pressurized ... almost boiling ... hot water
manually forced ... thru ground espresso roasted coffee.
then quick frozen retaining undeniable flavor.

... Inexorable Espresso Evolution ...
in and of itself is not special,
... unless attention to detail is off the charts. ...

Swaslu re-examined some long held urban legends about espresso & applied as much scientific rigor as one person can stand.

made us ready to present to the world
our cellar of espresso
frozen in suspended animation
(In 2-oz “double shot” jar portions)
***(point of no return)

No need to take our word for it. We are soon sampling from our espresso cellar. Check our calendar and sample there for free!.

sample some espressos
... cross your rubicon …

If you like what you sample*** ... accept a card with a QR code on it. ... get our very simple app,
use the QR code (or the app) to order
a couple of what you just sampled.
(Our app doesn’t collect any tracking info,
its just good coffee …
we don’t need or want to stalk you).
***If you want to taste that particular elixir delivered to you in the future

of any approved roast sample
...1st order...
limited to 2 jars of that roast
...2nd+ order...
limit increases 2 jars per order of that roast
maxing @ 8 jars of any sampled roast.

Level Benefits Rookies(1-4 AR***): can order what they have sampled + swag. Veterans(5-8 AR): rookies + two jars of 1 URPO****** All-Stars(9-12 AR): rookies + two jars each of 2 URPO Super-stars(13-16 AR): rookies + two jars each of 3 URPO Hall-of-famers(17-20 AR): rookies + two jars each of 4 URPO ***= Approved Roasts, ******=Un-sampled Roast Per Order.

One day a week
-- UPS 2nd day ground from Maine to Ohio to Virginia
--USPS 2nd day priorty from Maine to New England, Eastern NYS, Eastern PA and New Jersey.
---FEDEX Next day ground from Maine to New England, Eastern NYS, Northern NJ.
other locations incur additional shipping costs.

PICKUP/DELIVERY Pickup at our MidCoast Maine location by appointment. Weekly Delivery Wiscasset to Camden Monthly Delivery Brooklyn, NY

Make at least 4 orders from Swaslu
& the app allows for you to
have us process a roast you want.

Tell us your favorite roaster/roast we will do a 12 oz bag
and send you 12 jars of your own roast.
This takes a bit of communication as
we will order straight from your favorite roaster.

Roasters: Run your roast through our paces?
Register as a commercial client and send us a 12 oz bag.

We process it … you get 1/2 jars made sent back to you
at a nominal cost + shipping.
… we get a few
and a few will be needed to dial it in… .


Want a sampling experience for your group?

For a nominal fee … we hitch up a mini espresso cellar wagon
and bring it to your home/event.

20 years of being involved in a Brooklyn coffee shop/theater,
a blackout (2003) & a hurricane (2012)
got us hooked on doing espresso manually,
---untethered by an expensive, often unruly, espresso machine beast.

Along the way we learned to honor the progression of roasting flavor profiles … Flower, Fruit, Nut, Wood, Charcoal, Ash, Burnt Oil.

Espresso is string theory level complicated.

As such we eventually honed in on a process that makes simplifying decisions in our n-dimensional space that do not negatively impact the quality of the final product in seeking to revolve around a documentable process to get excellent taste and to investigate urban espresso legends along the way.

Our research.... is your espresso cellar gain.